The Best Cartoon You've Ever Seen. 

Amateur Radio Links
4 to 1 H.B. Balun

aa9pw, testing

Ac6v's mega link page

Adcock rfd Antenna

All about Baluns

Antenna Lab

Appliance-RFI (Audio)

ARRL (Op Freqs



BPL forum

BPL Test Procedures

Calculate the Horizon

Canadian Enforcement

CCD Antenna

Coaxial DF antennas

Coil Calculator

D region

Davis rf

Deep Cycle Batter Info

Def. of S.W.R.

Double Bazooka

DX Atlas

DX Engineers(Balun Info.)

Dx zone

E ham

Famous Hams

Fcc call lookup

FCC Enforcement

Folded Dipole

Frequency Chart

Gray line map

Ham Radio

Ham radio deluxe

Ham Radio Magazine

Ham University

Handi Ham

HF propagation

International Call Sign Prefix

K0bg (mobile antennas)
You see, wire telegraph is a kind of a very, very long cat.
You pull his tail in New York and his head is meowing in
Los Angeles. Do you understand this? 
And radio operates exactly the same way:
you send signals here, they receive them there.
The only difference is that there is no cat."
Albert Einstein, when asked to describe radio.
CQ boogie
Salt Lake S-Meter.
Amateur radio.
Ham lake, Mn. Receiver.
The Inflation Calculator.
Thomas Payne.

License renewal

linear amp construction

Link coupled tuners

Lloyd Butler

Low band DX'ing 


Microphone Connections

MMANA, (Ant Cal.)

Mobile antennas,(K0BG

News line

NVIS Antenna

Qrz exams

Radiation patters

Radio and Other Notions

Radio mod's

Radio Propagation

Radio schematic

Radio Study Guides

RF density calculator

Richard Measures

Rig Pics

Smith chart

Space weather

Spark Gap Xmitter

Tropospheric VHF-UHF Ducting

Tune a T tuner  (pdf)

Understanding SWR

Verticals, W5yi


Wayne Green

Wave propagation

Wb8wju, linear amp

Wis Interstate network

Wis. repeaters By City

Wis repeaters by Freq

Z match

60 meter band
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