The Army Security Agency, 1945 / 1976.
Vigilance Always.

Composed of soldiers with very high scores on Army intelligence tests, the ASA was tasked with monitoring and interpreting military communications of the Soviet Union, the People’s Republic of China, and their allies and client states around the world. ASA was directly subordinate to NSA and all field stations had NSA tech reps on site.

ASA Lives, (patches) 


Names on the Memorial Wall. 


Origins of the Army Security Agency and INSCOM 

SIGINT and ASA History. 

United States Army Security Agency. 

5th R.R.U, 83rd R.R.S.O.U and the 7 R.R.F.S 

8TH  R.R.F.S.



These jobs, which required top secret clearance, were essential to U.S. Cold War efforts. ASA units operated in shifts, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ASA troops were not allowed to discuss their jobs with outsiders — in fact, they could not talk among themselves about their jobs unless they were in a secure location. Owing to the sensitivity of the information with which they worked, ASA soldiers were subject to travel restrictions during and after their time in service. The activities of the U.S. Army Security Agency have only recently been partly declassified.


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